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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Just what is MLG Fortress all about?

MLG Fortress aims to be a server that somewhat embodies the "montage parody" spirit. The way we attempt to do this is by giving the player as many abilities to use and choose from as possible. This ranges from things such as guns, bazookas, element bending, kits, ranks, mcMMO, slimefun, shops, driving cars, deploying sentries, conquering the map, and more, all which can be used at the same time! (Well, maybe it'd be hard to use them at all the same time, but you can try.) On top of this, we're developing a resource pack for the server which will be the source of much of the "montage parody" content. Do you know a server that allows you to do all of this at once?

In other words, this is nearly the opposite of the Tech Fortress Minecraft server. MLG Fortress is always accepting new staff applicants. After all, that's a lot of things to make sure are setup to work at their maximum awesome levels.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Scheduled downtime

Hello all players of the Tech Fortress server,

The Tech Fortress server is down as scheduled. We plan for it will be restored Friday evening.

To stay in contact, please register on the forum!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A few tweaks

Hi all, a few changes have been made to the server:
  • /tpmetospawn has been improved, and deals less damage than it originally did. It is still advised to be at full health before using this command.
  • /protect will now only protect what is impossible to protect in vanilla Minecraft:
    • Building/destroying blocks
    • Containers (chests, dispensers, hoppers, etc.)
  • The following are NOT protected:
    • Doors (an easy way to lock your doors with iron and redstone is shown at spawn. A video of this extremely simple setup will be uploaded sometime soon.)
    • Animals
    • PvP
Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dealing with explosions

I've been thinking about how to solve the vanilla issue of utilizing the well-known creeper to grief other people's handiwork. So far, I have delayed in implementing any solution, since I figured nobody at this moment would invest enough time to doing this procedure repeatedly to cause enough damage.

Well I was wrong. Just over a week ago, this method was used to loot protected chests.

I first thought of using CreeperHeal - as it still allowed the destruction of blocks, albeit temporary, to at least provide that vanilla behavior effect. But this solution requires 100% success in order for it to meet my standards - and there are some bugs with it, unfortunately. Not to mention people can use this method to enter otherwise-sealed structures.

So for now, I have resorted to disabling above-sea-level explosions, which I assume is a good middle ground - after all, creeper explosions on the surface are more of a nuisance than anything else, and as it seems from last week, such things are more likely used as cheap "portable TNT."
Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Stuck and need assistance in getting out?

While I aim to provide the closest vanilla gameplay possible while still providing ample protection, there are those times when players get stuck, especially in situations where a minecart, boat, horse, or whatever entity drags you right into a block.

Of course, adding the element of teleportation removes a big portion of the vanilla gameplay experience, so I took time to think about how to solve this situation. After a few weeks, I finally came to a solution. (Feel free to suggest your own solutions at the forum!) My current solution has two options, and can only be operated in certain conditions:
  • Option 1: Basically a suicide command. As long as the player is able to stay still and not take damage from other mobs or players for 10 seconds, the player will be killed by the all-knowing server. The player will respawn at their bed or at the server spawnpoint.
  • Option 2: Basically the normal spawn command used in other servers, teleporting you to the server spawnpoint. However, it requires that the player has at least 20 XP levels, which will be used to energize the Enterprise transporter (which orbits the Tech Fortress world, despite its flatness). However, due to the differences of a flat world, the transporter will not be able to teleport you unscathed, so make sure you're at full health, or you might literally die in transit!
I feel these options prevent mis-use of the command, while still making it available for those who need assistance from the bugs of vanilla Minecraft. Check out these options in-game with /help

Thanks, and enjoy!
Saturday, February 14, 2015

Fixing stuff

  • First join random spawn bug mitigated. Now new players won't end up at the bottom of an ocean.
  • Added information regarding how to allow others to build in protected property. Hooray for cooperation!
  • Thursday, February 12, 2015

    Some updates

    Hey there. A few things have been fixed in the Minecraft server:
    • Random spawning has been removed
    • Spawn now provides a starter kit to help you get started!
    Let us know what else needs to be fixed or improved at our new forum!
    Saturday, January 31, 2015

    Welcome to the new Tech Fortress blog (and forums!)


    I finally got around to doing this, and here it is. Yay.


    The blog will naturally contain any news and announcements for the server.


    The forums provide for discussion, image sharing, etc. regarding anything happening on the Tech Fortress servers, as well as facilitating the reports of bugs and issues.


    Go ahead and sign up on the forums!