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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Just what is MLG Fortress all about?

MLG Fortress aims to be a server that somewhat embodies the "montage parody" spirit. The way we attempt to do this is by giving the player as many abilities to use and choose from as possible. This ranges from things such as guns, bazookas, element bending, kits, ranks, mcMMO, slimefun, shops, driving cars, deploying sentries, conquering the map, and more, all which can be used at the same time! (Well, maybe it'd be hard to use them at all the same time, but you can try.) On top of this, we're developing a resource pack for the server which will be the source of much of the "montage parody" content. Do you know a server that allows you to do all of this at once?

In other words, this is nearly the opposite of the Tech Fortress Minecraft server. MLG Fortress is always accepting new staff applicants. After all, that's a lot of things to make sure are setup to work at their maximum awesome levels.