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Sunday, June 11, 2017

1.12 is here!


Mk, this wasn't too bad of an update. Thanks to RexTempus and yellowjacket6 for helping test a couple things.

Tech Fortress is now on version 1.12.

Additionally, a new spawn post has opened, named St. Gregory in honor of St. Gregory the Great, one of the first doctors of the Church. You can read about him or watch:

Monday, April 10, 2017

MLG Fortress: April Updates

I was going to hold off until after I made some other updates this month, but there's been quite a bit of confusion on the new health canister system.

Major stuff

  • Health canisters:
    • Drop more often
    • Max health limit of 37 hearts (from 90)
    • Any additional health gained by consuming canisters will be lost on respawning

Minor changes

  • Improved knockback resistance with mobs. Mobs will no longer "freeze" when being hit.

Monday, March 20, 2017

MLG Fortress: March Madness


ayyy m80s dis da first official post 4 MLG Fortress! Adding new things to the server is kind of useless if nobody knows about the changes; thus, updates to MLG Fortress will be posted here regularly.

Big updates

  • The /memebox
    • The /memebox now powers all the memetastic music you hear on the server. Simply click the link it gives you, and leave the memebox webpage open while you play. No more 40MB resource packs!
    • This will support multi-track music discs.
    • Some areas the /memebox is used:
    • At the mall
    • When you're fighting multiple mobs
    • More to come! (Killing spree, etc.)
  • Clan friendly fire
    • Clan friendly fire is automatically disabled in survival worlds.
    • Projectiles will pass through allies.
    • Clan friendly fire is enabled everywhere else (for minigames, pvp, etc.)
Minor changes
  • Low health ambiance: Changed "gasp", added breathing (hmm, the possibilities we could use this for, and it's a vanilla sound!)
  • Explosion damage and kills caused by weapons are now counted.
  • Transporter sounds before and after teleport.
  • New damage sounds:
    • Fall damage is distinct (did you just crack some bones?)
    • A different noise plays if you took over 10 hearts of damage
    • Other players make a different noise when they're damaged (easier to distinguish when you're hurt vs. others getting hurt).
  • Periodic reminder to open the /memebox (everybody seems to forget to do this, but for right now it is better than the 40MB alternative...).
  • /warp uses the /tpa system.

Other new things are coming up, particularly minigames, as they are slowly being merged into MLG Fortress.

See you soon!