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Thursday, April 14, 2016

FastCraft likely will not return

After following the development of FastCraft+, it is likely this plugin will not be making a return on Tech Fortress. Many other users of the plugin are clamoring for features and integrations with premium plugins instead of focusing on stability and performance. Its current state is highly volatile with hard-to-pinpoint issues, and I do not have the time nor knowledge of the inventory part of the API to maintain the plugin myself.

If these issues are resolved sometime down the road, I'll reconsider re-adding FastCraft+. Unfortunately this seems like it'll be a long time down that road, as the developer is swamped with tickets from people complaining about integrations for other plugins, as well as issues. Then again, the plugin isn't "officially" released yet, so I'm hoping stability will be prioritized soon.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

1.9 performance and bug fixes

Looks like a couple more issues arose due to the update to 1.9. Thankfully they have been remedied. Amongst these issues were:
  • Nether portal teleporting players to some random location
  • Fastcraft taking several seconds to appear
The Fastcraft issue has been remedied via temporarily removing the plugin. It will return whenever the plugin is stable and performant; for now, you'll have to lookup the recipes :P

Friday, April 1, 2016

1.9.2 update

The Tech Fortress Minecraft server has been updated to 1.9.2 yesterday. While the update seems to have gone over smoothly so far, there was one issue that was found by a player and taken care of today; please /report any problems or issues you're having on the server so they can be investigated and remedied quickly.

Otherwise, enjoy the 1.9 update!