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Tech Fortress rules

Please read and understand these rules before playing on any of our servers or communicating on any of our established platforms (IRC, forum, etc.). We aim to keep the rules succinct, so it should not be a long read. (Most of these are common-sense anyways.) If you have any questions, feel free to ask in IRC
You can appeal a ban here
Participating in the Tech Fortress forum or our servers means you agree to these rules and any future modifications.

  1. Respect others and their structures
  2. Profanity, obscenity, vulgarity, etc. are strictly prohibited
  3. Spamming and advertising are strictly prohibited.
  4. You must have approval before using client modifications
  5. Report all working exploits and bugs you discover or know about
  6. You must not significantly impact gameplay performance
  7. Ban evasion under any form is not permitted
  8. Please use English.

  1. Respect others.

    Please make use of the /ignore command when reporting someone for breaking rules in chat. More often than not, failing to /ignore a rule breaker will also result in you breaking a rule when retaliating.
    1. Excessive trolling, flaming, flame-baiting, or being overly aggressive towards other users/players is not permitted. This includes patronizing (pretentious) behavior.
    2. Keep discussion civil. Avoid being arrogant and conceited. Do not harass or threaten other users or use Tech Fortress as a place to coordinate attacks on others.
    3. Do not insult other users — doing so is abusive, and if it isn't nice, just don't say it. Even if another user is insulting you, the responsible thing to do is report the issue and move on.
    4. Using deceptive links (phishing) to gather player information without consent is not permitted.
    5. Respect other's property.
      1. Maliciously modifying another player's property (regardless of whether it is claimed) is not permitted. If the property is unclaimed or belongs to an inactive player, any modifications must be minimal and non-malicious.
      2. Agreeing to share ownership of a claim (or territory) with another player implies that you both agree to allow each other to access the claim.
        • Sharing ownership occurs when both players have structures they own within the same claim.
        • If this implicit agreement is broken (e.g. one player untrusts the other, preventing them from entering the previously shared claim), the players involved should attempt to resolve the issue first. If this fails, you may file a /report briefly describing the situation.
    6. Do not attempt to restrict access to publicly-accessible areas
      1. For all nether portals built inside a claim, please provide a path from the portal for players to get outside of the claim.
      2. The End exit portal and pillars are publicly-accessible areas
  2. Profanity (i.e. cursing, swearing) and obscenity/vulgarity are strictly prohibited.

    • Even censored or abbreviated foul language is not allowed.
    • The use of any words with abusive intent is never accepted.
    • This rule also applies to usernames and builds/structures.
    • Keep in mind the topics of your discussion. Things like drugs, alcohol, sexual activities, etc. are not suitable for all ages, and thus is not suitable in public chat.
  3. Spamming and advertising are strictly prohibited. Please use English.

    • Regarding spamming:
      • This includes the use of repetitive punctuation, letters, messages, words, etc.
      • The use of external characters/fonts is prohibited.
    • Regarding advertising: You may not say things such as "Hey, join my cool server, the IP is 123.123.123", or "Hi, I have a server, /tell me for IP" in-game. You may not post threads stating things such as "I am setting up a private tekkit server, PM me for the IP". Any type of advertising in a public place is not allowed. The following are prohibited:
      • Posting threads or chat messages stating that people can message you for the IP to another server.
      • Publicly posting any IP on the Forums or in-game chat.
      • Ask others to play on other servers with you, with or without stating the IP. For example, you may not say things such as "Come and play with me on ub3rc00lserva!" in chat.
      • PM or /tell random people with IPs for servers.
  4. You must have approval before using client modifications.

    • This also includes, but is not limited to see-through texture packs, modifications that allow you to move, jump or fly in a way not intended by the default game settings, Block Radars and any game glitch or exploit that gives you an unfair advantage of any kind over other players.
    • Official approval form: An in-game /mail from RoboMWM stating such a modification is allowed.
  5. Report all working exploits and bugs you discover or know about.

    Reporting exploits helps us ensure your stuff is protected. If you report an exploit and wait for a response instead of secretly using it, you will likely be compensated
    • By default, using exploits is not permitted.
      • Some exploits may be allowed; further information about this will be provided in your report.
    • Use /report to make a report in-game, or /ticket to manage your reports.
  6. You must not significantly impact gameplay performance.

    1. Deliberately attempting to excessively stress a server in any form is not permitted.
  7. Ban evasion under any form is not permitted.

    1. Using an alternative account to evade a punishment will result in the immediate suspension of the alternative account and lengthening of your ban. If you wish to obtain more information about your ban, please see the appeal form.
    2. Discussions of your ban, or other user's bans is strictly prohibited. All discussion of bans should be done via email, found in the appeal form.
  8. Please use English.

    • The common language of this community is English.
    • Dr. John Ogbu, Chancellor’s Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley - presenter at the National Catholic Educational Association 1998 - has researched Cultural Diversity and has made excellent observations. Dr. Ogbu is originally from Africa and has done numerous studies and shared his research concerning educational excellence. Also, Dr. Ogbu mentioned it is rude to speak a foreign language around those who do not speak in that language, especially if you can speak a common language. He stated, “No culture or language is better than another.” They are different, but not superior.

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