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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tech Fortress: Major server update - new IP, new host, better grief protection, new creative server, and more!

Hello all,
It's been a few months since I lasted reported anything publicly about the Tech Fortress server. This is because I have been working on a lot of "back-end" work such as acquiring a subdomain, as well as adding a few new things and testing to make sure all of this works together.

New IP: tf.us.to

Still here? Then I suppose you'll want to read about the significant changes:
  • New protection system: Instead of guessing how much the /protect command protected, I have implemented a "point-and-click" method of protecting your buildings. Issuing the /protect command will direct you to a 1 minute video link on how use this, as well as command-based alternatives to claiming land.
    • In addition, this new protection system will protect animals, horses, and redstone buttons/levers/etc. due to popular demand, as long as they are inside your claim.
  • PvP grief prevention: I initially held off from implementing any PvP protection to preserve the near-vanilla survival Minecraft atmosphere. However, after a couple of instances of obvious PvP grief, I decided to test out different implementations of PvP protection. PvP protection on respawns appears to be the best solution that maintains the near-vanilla survival Minecraft experience while also preventing occasions of repeated PvP harassment.
  • Stuck? We've got you covered: Players often get stuck inside of other player's land claims. Thanks to the new protection system, we can teleport you out if this happens to be the case. Check out /stuck for more information.


After some brief testing, we decided it was best to have a separate, dedicated creative server. You can access this server at this IP: tf.us.to:22333
  • Plotworld, also known as "The Plots," contain 100x100 plots. Simply type /plot auto to claim your plot.
  • The freebuild world uses the same new protection system, so you won't need to learn anything new to protect your buildings in Creative.
I also added teleportation and the ability to set and teleport to homes in creative so you won't need to remember all the coordinates of your buildings.

Future plans:

  • Something about an online map is definitely in the works. It won't be Dynmap
  • A smarter compass
Although a bunch of new things have been added to the server, please be aware that I still aim to keep this server as near-vanilla as possible.

Thank you for reading, and I hope to meet you on Tech Fortress!