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Friday, August 12, 2016

Nether portal auto-rescue

Hi all,
If you were not aware already, the server has a nether portal auto-rescue feature. Unfortunately, this did not cover all cases, especially nether portals that were blocked with fences. This is because the server could consider you to be inside the fence block even though you're still stuck in the portal block, which messed up its ability to determine if you were stuck in a portal or not.

Nether portal auto-rescue detection has now been resolved by including blocks such as fences to determine if a player is trapped or not. However, we still highly encourage players to leave some space between the portal and their "gateway," so players can return back if they so choose without needing a fence gate opened for them or having to rely on this automated system.

In other news, the mitigation for dropping items in an End Portal has now been removed. This was due to an edge case in the server mod where it would trigger an event (a falling block) twice, leading to inadvertent duplication issues.